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£ 222.29 185.24 ex. VAT)

The solution for those welders needing a welding shield, with a wide-view clear visor beneath. The 90 x 110mm filter holder hinges down for easy access. Conventional or auto-darkening filters can be fitted A compact welding shield with 90 x 110mm filter holder, but with a wide-view, clear visor beneath, enabling the welder to inspect the weld comfortably without losing Respiratory Protection With the design emphasis on comfort and productivity, the wearer will appreciate the super-comfortable faceseals and an ergonomically designed harness and airduct system with dual comfort bands Easy-fitting faceseal in a knitted, breathable, elasticated material super-comfortable allows sweat to evaporate; no seams next to face feels much cooler Leather neck and head extensions, and ProbanĀ® cape accessories give superb coverage capability To maximise the clear-view, a clear (shade 0) visor is fitted to the HT-629 Assigned Protection Factor with 3M Jupiter = 20 and 3M Dustmaster = 10